Welcome to Old Man Scary Cellars!

The Story of Old Man Scary

On the Swift Family Estate in Hockley County, Texas, lies an old, abandoned farmhouse. Old Man Scary is the name given to that house by the youngest son of the family. Once the scene of a death, the house was thought to be haunted by an evil spirit. However, events have since occurred that prove some spirits, despite their appearance, can be helpful in viticulture, viniculture and even saving little boys from themselves.

Today Old Man Scary has come to mean much more, to both the Swift Family and to all who come in contact with him. So come in, hear our story, tell us yours, and share a bottle of wine.

About the Family

Rattlesnake Road Vineyards is the home of the Swift Family Estate. Dr. Alex and Lily Swift, owners of Old Man Scary Cellars and Rattlesnake Road Vineyards, started their journey out of one, simple desire, to drink the best wine. This evolved into growing and making the best wine possible, and now into sharing that wine with friends and family.

To hear the story best is to hear it from one of the owners themselves, Alex Swift. So here is the story according to him:
"Within the human condition exists a desire to grow something, build something, make something.To us at Old Man Scary Cellars these desires are innate, undeniable, and eternally yearn for expression.

For this reason, I decided to go to Medical school and become a doctor. Oh snap, just seeing if you are still reading this... So, back to the yearning farmer story. One day my wife tells me she wants to sell our house in town. I tell her, I want to plant a vineyard and open a winery. Two days later, she told me she sold the house! So, as punishment, I said ok, I've found some land for a vineyard. Two years later, here we are, eight acres in the ground; opening a winery. What the heck was I thinking? Are you even still reading? Cuz I can go on forever.

At any rate, what may sound like a whimsical name, or hare brained idea, actually is an intense labor of love. One which we wish to share with our friends and family, and you. As I know you’re the only ones still reading this, I love you Mom and Pops, thanks for finishing this ALLSOME story."